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Тел.: +39 0734 900816 Факс: +39 0734 903083 Сайт: www.repo-srl.com Продукция: Женская обувь
The RE.PO srl, leader manifacturing concern in top fashion sandals, starts around 1946, when Elio Iachini, well known in this field with his father for a long time, creates his own shoe factory. This little &quot;household&quot; factory becomes an &quot;industrial &quot; enterprise with Elio's two sons' entry, Pompeo and Remigio. Nowdays they attend to distribution and manifacture (&quot;design&quot; included) of their shoes respectively. <br /> <br /> At the beginning known for women slippers, designed to give wellness and health to feet, today the RE.PO. distinguishes itself by a wide range of shoes, the first quality materials from leather of the uppers to ABS heels, PU bottoms and soles in genuine leather. But, above all, by its strictly MADE IN ITALY production. All the articles are designed according to Italian style and accuracy, following our best tradition. That is why the distribution system covers all the main areas both in Italy and abroad successfully.
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